Fishing Formula


Chuck's System Fishing Formula:

Target + approach + reasoned imitation + Presentation = FISH CAUGHT!

1. TARGET: what species and location we are going to fish.
2. APPROACH: how to get into position without spooking fish.
3. IMITATION: what are we going to fish with based on available food sources.
4. PRESENTATION: how to make chicken feathers and fur look and act like food.

This is Chuck's 4-step plan to catch you fish. . This system fishing strategy works for all species anywhere in the world. 10 % of the fishermen in the world catch 90 % of the fish, using a plan and paying attention to subtle details, you will join the 10 % who are always successful.

During the booking process, Chuck will try to determine your ability, where you have fished and what kind of fishing you like.

FULL DAY TRIPS are 8 hours of fishing with a hot shore meal. Meals consist of Burgers or BBQ Chicken, pasta salad, pickles, chips and fresh baked desserts.

THREE QUARTER DAY TRIPS are 6 hours fishing. Perfect during the heat of the summer.

HALF-DAY TRIPS are 4 hours of fishing. Perfect for children or to get a taste of fishing.

Start times vary depending on the season and fishing location. Fishing season opens in April and ends in November.

BEGINNERS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME! Learn to fly fish with patient on stream instruction. "On the job training" with complete outfitting of equipment and gear.

  • Offering both FLY and SPIN fishing options
  • Private "fly fishing" instruction
  • WETFLY and NYMPH fishing
  • Dryfly fishing both UP and DOWNSTREAM
  • Reading the water and matching the hatch
  • Learn a sytematic fishing plan



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